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Doing Business in Japan? Contact Ruth Jarman

Doing Business in Japan? Contact Ruth Marie Jarman



Book by Ruth Marie Jarman ジャーマン・ルース・マリー

Ruth’s book 33 Reasons to be Proud (日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと) was published in May 2012 and became a best seller with more than 50,000 copies sold. It explores thirty-three areas of Japanese lifestyle, thought, and culture that represent Japan’s contribution to the ever-evolving global masterpiece. Buy Book at Amazon. Also listen to her podcast to hear Ruth discuss her book as well as Japanese society and politics.


Her second book (やっぱりすごいよ、日本人)came out in November 2014 and sold out in its first week. Making every effort to encourage and promote Japan as it continues to internationalize, Jarman International works closely with partners to provide the best options for growth and success in Japan.

3rd book

Her third book 『世界に輝くヤマトナデシコの底力』was published in June 2015. Encouraging Yamato-Nadeshiko Japanese women to empower Japan! Buy Book at Amazon

ビジネス英語 魔法の切り返し


Ruth’s fourth and most recent book is titled “Magical Response” and is about how Japanese business people can explain their business style better to non-Japanese counterparts and the background for why these differences might exist. It is full of interesting stories and examples gleaned by Ruth during her long career bridging Japanese companies with non-Japanese clientele and partners.

Watch Ruth explain about the book in English here.

Ruth Marie Jarman  ルース・マリー・ジャーマン is a longtime Japan resident based in Tokyo. Ruth came to Japan to work at Recruit Company Ltd. in 1988. After Recruit, Ruth spent seven years building her translation/interpretation business but was recruited by Hiromasa Ezoe in 2000 to help grow the Serviced Apartment venture begun at Space Design Inc., where she served as outside consultant, sales manager, general manager and finally for three years on the board as Director of Business Development. Ruth has also passed the Japanese Real Estate (宅地建物取引主任士)certification making her one of the few Westerners qualified to directly execute real estate contracts in Japan.

Says Ruth: “After 12 years working for my mentor Hiromasa Ezoe, achieving the Japanese real estate license, discovering my love of networking and business development, meeting more than 40,000 international professionals coming in and out of Japan on business in my role as head of Marketing and Business Development at Space Design Inc., more than 20 business trips around Asia and Europe, writing extensively on Japanese business and culture via Monthly Bigaku (a magazine for Japanese expats around the world)…. it was time to step out on my own. How can I correctly describe my experience in Japan over the past 30 years? What a RIDE! From bubble affluence, financial jitters, devastating tsunami/earthquake/nuclear emergency to the exciting promise of the “New Normal,” I am so honored to be here and continue to share in the ever-opening, ever-evolving adventure called Japan. Whether in uniform or business suit, I find myself in a cheerleader role. I was a cheerleader at Mililani High School “Go Trojans!”, Tufts University “Go Jumbos” and then in the Japanese professional X League “Go Seagulls!”. I find joy in encouraging, promoting and CHEERING clients, staff, colleagues and bosses on to bigger and better things.”

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) selected Ruth as ACCJ 2013 Female Leader of the Year for Tokyo. Read about her achievements as an ACCJ member and leader in the ACCJ Journal.

Jarman International is focused on cheering incredible partners to further success and bringing end-clients excellent and trustworthy services in a variety of complimentary fields. We also work to support various prefectures, cities and corporations across Japan as they continue to globalize with presentations, training and speeches.

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